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Drinking water at regular intervals can have great effects on the body.

೧. Drinking two bottles of water early in the morning can help boost the body’s internal organs.

೨. Drinking a cup of water before lunch is helpful for digestion.

೩. Before taking a bath, a cup of water can help lower blood pressure. (Who knew this ???)

೪. Drinking a glass of water before bedtime can reduce your risk of heart attack. (Good to know this!)

೫. What’s more, a glass of water before bedtime can help relieve muscle cramps during the night.

೬. The leg muscles contracted when they wake up in the morning and require water moisture to break free from cramps.

* According to a lung specialist, if everyone sends this message to ten people, at least one life can be saved!

So, I shared this fact with all friends. Many of you may know these things, however, not all are aware!

(It is up to you to choose whether to continue or leave this message.
But, if it does, it can save precious lives.)

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