Tips for maintaining a healthy lung

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2. Don’t smoke There are no benefits from smoking. The more you smoke, the greater the chances of developing cancer and other chronic bronchial and inflammatory diseases. Smoking is so bad that it affects not only smokers but also those around them when they smoke.


2svaccava winds of 155 million people living in the place where air pollution is high! Vayumalinyadinda kondubiduvastu asthama or COPD, but it is the man tipped to be the worst affected biruttadenivu svaccateyannu the environment through provision of support to cooperate so as to prevent air pollution. To prevent air pollution, garbage burning, excessive electricity and excessive movement of vehicles should be prevented.

1. Just exercising may not strengthen your lungs, but exercise can help alleviate some of the problems.

2. Be good with air: Air pollution is not just outside, but also inside the home. In addition, using an air cleaner can increase the oxygen content. Air cleaner destroys unwanted particles and does not produce gas.

1. A healthy diet is known to be high in antioxidant foods. According to a study conducted in the UK, more people who eat greenberries, leafy vegetables and broccoli are more likely to have lung problems than those who eat less. Bitter leaf and vegetables are better suited to maintain lung health.

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