GOOD NEWS: Indian researchers caught up with ‘world’s first bandage’ to cure skin cancer

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BANGALORE: Researchers from the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) have developed non-vascular bandages with magnetic nanofibers to treat skin cancer. It regulates heat in tumor cells. Skin cancer is caused by excessive exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the main cause.

According to IISC, there are mainly two types of skin cancer. A melanoma, which develops from melanocytes in cells, is the second non-melanoma to develop from other skin cells. IISC reports that most people suffer from non-melanoma skin cancer, but that death is more fatal than melanoma.

The most common treatments for skin cancer are surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, but these therapies and other conventional therapies have their limitations. Hyper thermia is a great alternative to skin cancer treatment. In recent years, researchers have been working on developing methods to heat tumor tissue to effectively target cancer cells. One such technique is called magnetic hyperthermia, in which magnetic nanoparticles are used to heat the tumor using AMF.

Researchers from the IISC’s Center for Biosystem Science and Engineering (BSE) and the Department of Nuclear Reproduction, Development and Genetics (MR DG) have now developed a method called electrospinning. The finish bandage is fastened to a surgical tape made of biodegradable polymer called iron oxide, Fe3O4, and polyprolactone (PCL), which can prevent skin cancer.

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